Clinical Locations

GW Hospital

The George Washington University Hospital

The George Washington University (GWU) Hospital is located in the heart of the District of Columbia readily accessible to the Foggy Bottom metro station at 900 23rd St NW. GWU Hospital is home to our Comprehensive Stroke Center and Level 4 Epilepsy Unit. It is the site for the majority of the inpatient training for our neurology program.

MFA building from the street

The George Washington Medical Faculty Associates Clinic

The George Washington Medical Faculty Associates Clinic, one block away from George Washington University Hospital at 2150 Pennsylvania Ave NW, houses all of the outpatient subspecialty clinics including headache, ALS, movement disorders, memory disorders, sleep, epilepsy, neuromuscular disorders, and stroke clinic, as well as the general neuro and resident clinic. In addition, the neurodiagnostic lab is located here which offers EMG, EEG, and TMS services. 

VA Hospital

Veterans Affairs- Washington, DC

The Washington, DC Veterans Affairs Medical Center (VA), located at 50 Irving St NW, provides care for our veterans residing in the greater DC, Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia area. Training at the VA includes an inpatient and outpatient service as well as specialty electives in Sleep, Pain, and MS.

Children's National hospital

Children's National Hospital

Children's National Hospital is a top ranked Pediatric Hospital in the country. Adult neurology residents spend three months at Children's National completing inpatient and outpatient rotations. Click the link for additional information about Children's National Neurology Program.