Residency Program

Message from the Program Director

Mark Baker

Hello and welcome to The George Washington University Adult Neurology Residency Program—we are happy that you took time out of your day to look into our program.

Personally, I would like to extend a big “hello” to you.  My name is Mark Baker, and I am the Adult Neurology Program Director.  With my past experiences at other top-tier medical centers, I have worked very closely with our current residents to create a modernized and exciting residency experience.  Over the few past years, we have restructured our didactic schedule into a subspecialty-based curriculum consisting of attending-given lectures, a neurophysiology weekly series focusing on EEG and EMG, resident-driven case reports, and other supplemental lectures and board review.  We have also better balanced our inpatient and outpatient experiences with the intention of getting earlier exposure to outpatient subspecialty fields to get our residents better prepared for future fellowship and career decisions.

Here at George Washington University, we have underlined the importance of resident wellness and mental health.  Within our program itself, we have increased our emphasis on wellness and continue to find ways to mitigate stressors.  We are excited to begin a new monthly wellness series and to continue to evolve in our emphasis on resident well-being.

In the end, we are excited that you took the time to look at our program for your neurology residency training.  You can find the “nuts and bolts” of our program by viewing the various tabs on our program website—please reach out with any questions or needed clarifications.  Also please check out our program’s social media @gwuneurology on Instagram.  We look forward to seeing you during our upcoming virtual interview season or in the future!



Mark D. Baker, MD Assistant Professor of Neurology Adult Neurology Residency Program Director


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