Current Clinical Research Trials for Epilepsy

Researchers at The GW Medical Faculty Associate’s Epilepsy Center are conducting clinical research trials to learn more about treating epilepsy, or seizure disorders. 

Clinical research trials search for new ways to prevent, understand and/or treat disease. The goal of these trials is to see if a new treatment, procedure or device works and is safe to use.  Participating in a research trial, as either a healthy volunteer or a patient volunteer, is an opportunity to help researchers find better treatments for others in the future.

The following are clinical research trials specific to epilepsy:


Title: STARS study (EP0-162/EP0-165)

Principal Investigator: Hai Chen, MD

Status of Research Trial: Opening soon

Sponsor of Research Trial: UCB Biopharma SRL

Description of Research Trial: Staccato alprazolam is a medication being developed for the rapid cessation of seizures in adult patients with stereotypical prolonged seizures. This randomized clinical trial is looking at the effectiveness of staccato alprazolam versus a placebo in the treatment of seizures in patients that meet qualifying characteristics.

Research Trial Contact Information: For more information, interested participants and clinicians may contact the Neurology Clinical Research Unit at